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The ISIC is the only proof of student status that is recognized worldwide (in more than 130 countries). It is issued by a non-profit organization called ISIC Association and was officially recognized by the UNESCO as international student ID card in 1968.
Authorized issuer in Germany is the rds.
Eligible are full-time students as well as high school students who are at least 12 years old.
The ISIC costs €15 and has an internationally regulated validity of one year from the date of issue.
The website provides information on and links to national and international ISIC partners in the areas of travel, transport and accommodation, culture and entertainment, sports, shopping and gastronomy. The website also promotes discounted online offers for hardware and software as well as reservation and booking tools.

Issuing Offices:

Studierendenwerk Ulm

James-Franck-Ring 8
89081 Ulm
0731 50-23856

StuVe der Universität Ulm
Albert-Einstein-Allee 11
89069 Ulm
0731 50-22401
0731 50-22403

AStA der Technischen Hochschule Ulm
Prittwitzstr. 10
89075 Ulm
0731 23077
0731 29232

STA Travel
Hafengasse 2
89073 Ulm
0731 71887510
0731 71887539