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Psychosocial Counseling Service (PBS)

The mission of the Studierendenwerk Ulm is to create the best possible economic and social conditions for successful students. The Psychosocial Counseling Service (PBS) is an important part of that.

The counseling and course offers of our Psychosocial Counseling Service are available to students at all higher education institutions in Ulm, Aalen, Biberach, Heidenheim and Schwäbisch Gmünd that are serviced by the Studierendenwerk. The PBS offers students advice and support in the form of individual consultations (in German or English) to help resolve psychosocial problems and questions. We counsel you individually with regards to learning difficulties, test anxiety, personal problems and difficulties in your studies or daily life. In urgent cases, appointments can be arranged at short notice. These consultations are free of charge and of course all discussed matters as well as personal data and information are subject to confidentiality.

Course Offer
The PBS course offer promotes the personal competences of and is tailored to the specific needs of students.
Have a look at our current course program! Course registration is subject to a fee of €10.

Our courses are all held in German. They should help students to deal with stress, procrastination, exam-fear and lead to efficient studying and relaxation.
If you would like to have courses in English, please contact us under

Course Offer

In addition to individual counselling the PBS offers courses customised particularly to the needs of students. Within this courses the PBS team facilitates strategies to cover the study load and helps students to graduate. An ensured registration for a course 10 € are charged.

Besides the concerned students, worried fellow students or colleges can contact the PBS too.

Registration form for courses
Send the registration form at You receive a confirmation.

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Course Offers in Aalen, Schwäbisch Gmünd and Heidenheim

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Here you find the PBS course flyers for:

Flyer PBS Ulm Wintersemester 2020
Flyer PBS Ostalb Wintersemester 2020
Flyer PBS Biberach Wintersemester 2020