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Paying with the Chip Card

The facilities are cashless. You can pay with your student ID (chip card) in the dining halls, cafeterias and the Studierendenwerk snack carts, as well as at food vending machines, washing machine and dryer terminals in various student residences.
Non-cash university services such as printing, copying and library fees are also paid for with the chip card.

The chip card can be topped up

  • with cash at cash reloaders (see reloader locations)
  • with EC-card at EC-rechargers (see locations of rechargers)
  • with Load on Demand at all canteen and cafeteria cash desks and snack carts of the Studierendenwerk.

You can also pay with your EC or credit card or contactless via your cell phone. If you want to get the reduced price, you have to identify yourself with your student or employee ID.

Problems with the Chip Card

User ID card

Where can I find the upgraders?

How Do Guests Pay?

Refund of Remaining Balance

Lost Card

Bottle deposit

Transfer Load on demand

Medicine Students in the Surgical Ward

In case of problems with the chip card, please contact:

James-Franck-Ring 8
89081 Ulm

Phone 0731 79031 3021
Room 109 under the dining hall

Load on Demand - Easy recharging of the chip card

Autoload is a setting that tops up your chip card with your approval at every check-out whenever you reach a predetermined minimum. The top-up amount will be deducted from the bank account that you provided. This saves you having to use the top up terminals.

Where can I participate in Load on Demand and how do I get Load on Demand?

Contact Points at the Universities

Where Can I top Up?

Changing Amount, Limit and Bank Account

Load on Demand Application Form