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Mobility at the beginning of the semester - what suits you?

Semester ticket = 145,50 euro/semester -  beginning of semester - valid in DING area - bus and train (ÖPNV) - valid for 1 semester (6 months) - must be purchased again - for students  All information here

Jugendticket BW = 365 euros ticket/year - from March 1st, 2023 - valid throughout Ba-Wü - bus and train (ÖPNV) - semester ticket (6 months, monthly payment, Soli countable) - linked to age and educationan All information here and here

Deutschland-Ticket = 49 euro ticket/month - comes in May 2023 at the earliest - valid throughout Germany - bus and train (ÖPNV) - monthly ticket (subscription with automatic extension, can be canceled monthly) - for everyone All information here

Semester ticket

Solidarity contribution semester ticket
The semester ticket is by far the cheapest tariff in the entire DING (Donau-Iller-Nahverkehrsverbund-GmbH)/Ostalb for subscribers and is only possible because all students participate in it via the solidarity contribution. At the universities for which there is a semester ticket agreement, all students pay a solidarity contribution for the basic financing of the semester ticket in addition to the student union fee. This solidarity contribution entitles you to use local public transport at certain off-peak times. Students who also want to use public transport during core times must also purchase a semester ticket.
All enrolled students who are liable to pay student fees at the University of Ulm, the Technical University of Ulm, the University of Applied Sciences Biberach, the DHBW Heidenheim at the lecture location Ulm Wiblingen, the University of Education Schwäbisch Gmünd and the University of Aalen are eligible.

Semester Ticket DING (University of Applied Sciences, University Ulm, DHBW Heidenheim Ulm-Wiblingen)

Semester Ticket Ostalbmobil (PH Schwäbisch Gmünd and Aalen University)

Anschluss-SemesterTicket (connecting ticket)

Semester ticket

Further Information on the Semester Ticket
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