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Semester Ticket

The 9 Euro Ticket is coming
Students who have bought the semester ticket in addition to the solidarity contribution do not have to purchase the 9-euro ticket separately. It applies to public transport nationwide. As before, the carriage regulation on weekends only applies in the regional transport association. More information, including reimbursement, can be found on the DING and Ostalb-Mobil websites.

Semester ticket or monthly student ticket?
During the period of uncertainty as to whether and to what extent your studies will take place digitally or in person, the monthly student ticket may be an alternative to the semester ticket.

Solidarity contribution (Solidarbeitrag)
The semester ticket is by far the cheapest offer for subscribers in the entire DING area and made possible only in the context of all students contributing via the Solidarbeitrag. At universities that have a semester ticket agreement, students pay a Solidarbeitrag on top of the Studierendenwerk fee for the basic funding of the semester ticket. This Solidarbeitrag allows you to use public transport at specific off-peak hours for free. Students who want to use public transport during peak hours also need to buy a semester ticket.
Eligible are all students who are enrolled at Ulm University, Ulm University of Applied Sciences, the University of Education Schwäbisch Gmünd (PH) and Aalen University and subject to the Studierendenwerk fee.

Semester Ticket DING (University of Applied Sciences, University Ulm, DHBW Heidenheim Ulm-Wiblingen)

Semester Ticket Ostalbmobil (PH Schwäbisch Gmünd and Aalen University)

Anschluss-SemesterTicket (connecting ticket)

Semester ticket

Further Information on the Semester Ticket
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