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Quality and Special Diets

Our facilities in Ulm, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Aalen, Heidenheim and Biberach offer foods in certified organic quality. Whenever possible, we use organic ingredients in our side dishes as well. The menus are designed in collaboration with a nutritionist.

The production processes in campus catering are subject to strict hygiene and quality standards as well as regular inspections. Our staff take regular trainings in hygiene and safety with external providers.

Our facilities serve guilt-free pleasures:

  • Our cafeterias sell fair-trade coffee – over 7 tons every year!
  • Our Mensa lunchrooms are certified organic. Many products are offered in organic quality.
  • We offer vegan meals and snacks in our cafeterias and Mensa lunchrooms.
  • We sell fair-trade products, e.g over 7 tons of coffee per year, sugar sticks, LemonAID, ChariTea etc.
  • We introduced climate-friendly food.
  • We exclusively use free-range eggs.
  • The majority of our salads are from controlled farming.
  • We use fish from non-threatened stocks.
  • Our production is based on defined hygiene and social Standards.

Ethical Principles
The Studierendenwerk Ulm campus catering selects, procures and processes its products and ingredients in accordance with high ethical standards. The day-to-day business in our Mensa lunchrooms and cafeterias is defined by values like environment, sustainability, ethical animal husbandry, "honest food", additive-free when possible, fair treatment of providers, staff and customers.

Waste Avoidance Through Reusable Tableware
Protection of the environment is of great importance to us. We therefore introduced reusable tableware in all meal services – with the exception of the cafeteria SouthSide and the WestSideDiner at Ulm University.

Vegetarian and Vegan


Additives and Allergens