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BAföG + Finances

BAföG + Finances

BAföG Saves the Day!

Only Pay 50% Back!
Half of the BAföG financial support is usually a grant, the remaining half an interest-free loan.
A ceiling guarantees that students only need to repay a maximum of €10,000.
The Rest Is an Interest-Free Loan!
The repayment period starts 5 years after the standard finishing time of your study program. The loan is repaid in installments, the height of which depends on your income and other factors. If your parents’ financial means are limited and you are unsure how to finance your studies, then this is the financing option for you!


Extension of the standard period of study / BAföG eligibility

I Don’t Even Know If I’m Eligible!

How Much Will I Get?

Personal Prerequisites

Parent-independent Assistance

Composition and Repayment

Calculation of Maximum Assistance


Working and Child Benefit (“Kindergeld”) During BAföG

Financial Assets

Certificate of Achievement

Changing Study Programs

Funding Period and Graduation Grant (“Studienabschlussförderung”)

Advance BAföG Payments

BAföG for Training Abroad