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BAföG + Finances

BAföG + Finances

Part-Time Work

Students with part-time jobs need to be aware of a few things.

Your work might affect your health care and long-term care insurance or tax liability, depending on the type and duration of the employment. We recommend that you contact your tax office and local health insurance office for further details.

When BAföG recipients exceed certain income limits, their allowance might be reduced. The student finance department can give you further information.
If your income was formalized on an income tax card, it is important that you submit a tax return to the tax office after the end of the financial year. You often get money back!

More info and forms:

Working for the Studierendenwerk Ulm
Are you manually dexterous and have experience with painting? We often seek temporary helpers for paint jobs in our student accommodations for marginal employment/mini jobs ("Geringfügige Beschäftigung"). You will be paid a fixed amount per room. Please contact your janitor for further details and apply with the usual application documents.

Job Agencies

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