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Counselling + Support

Counselling + Support

Women and Equality

The German Wikipedia writes: "Equality refers to measures that equalize the living conditions of population groups who should be treated equally in principle (like women and men) [...]. The terminology comprises equal opportunities and social justice on the basis of human rights." (Last updated: June, 2013)
This usually refers to gender equality. Article 3 of the German Constitution says: "Men and women have equal rights."
Sadly this isn't always the case in real life, students included. Many higher education institutions therefor employ gender equality officers. One of their defined goals is to create equal opportunities for all students.

Gender Equality Officers at the Universities

Political and Societal Work

Help for Those Affected by Violence


These counseling centers are officially authorized to provide information, advice and support to women, men and couples with regards to:

  • pregnancy conflicts
  • pregnancy and the first three years of the child
  • worries about changes in the relationship, family and as single parent
  • legislations like maternity leave (Mutterschutz), parental leave (Elternzeit) and child custody
  • financial aids and eligibilities like Elterngeld, welfare (Sozialhilfe), Mutter-Kind-Stiftung (federal foundation for mothers and children that acts as an agent for support in the federal state where they live)
  • support before, during and after pre-birth examinations
  • crisis situations like separation or miscarriage
  • planning a family



Schwäbisch Gmünd

Ulm and Neu-Ulm

Pregnant women in need?
No woman has to bring her child into the world secretly and alone. Every woman has the right to find anonymity and protection in the counseling centers. Information and anonymous advice

wellcome - Support after birth
Women who don't get any help during the first phase after a birth will get it from Wellcome. The nonprofit organization sends you home a volunteer. Like a guardian angel, the volunteer watches out for the sleeping baby to give the mother some rest, accompanies to the pediatrician, plays with siblings, makes purchase – and listens.
All these activities lead to a noticeable relief in the transition phase of a family. Due to that Wellcome prevents crisis and promotes the positive emotional attachment to the newborn.