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Paying with the Chip Card

You can pay cashless with your student ID card in the Mensa lunchrooms and cafeterias of the Studierendenwerk as well as at the vending machines, washing machines and dryer terminals in some of the student residences.
Cashless services at the universities like printing, copying and library fees can be paid for with the chip card.

You can top up your card at the cashless top-up terminals or at the cash top-up terminal in room 215 (diagonally across the Info Point).
Students and staff receive discounted prices when paying with their chip card. Paying cashless makes the payment process faster and easier and ensures that only eligible people receive the discounted Prices.

Problems with the Chip Card

How Do Guests Pay?

Refund of Remaining Balance

Transferring the Balance to Another Card

Lost Card

Transfer Autoload

Medicine Students in the Surgical Ward

The Info Point Team helps you if you should encounter problems with your chip card!

Autoload – On-Demand Top Up

Autoload is a setting that tops up your chip card with your approval at every check-out whenever you reach a predetermined minimum. The top-up amount will be deducted from the bank account that you provided. This saves you having to use the top up terminals.

Where Can I Use Autoload?

Contact Points at the Universities

How Do I Set Up Autoload?

Where Can I top Up?

Changing Amount, Limit and Bank Account

Autoload Application Form
(Top up on Demand)

Application Form DHBW
for Autoload (Top up on Demand)