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Counselling + Support

Counselling + Support

Legal Advice

The Studierendenwerk offers students free legal consultations, for example on tenancy law etc.

Legal Advice (Beratungshilfe) and Legal Aid (Prozesskostenhilfe)

You can apply for Beratungshilfe (legal advice) to help you exercise your legal rights. Beratungshilfe means, among other things, that you can seek advice and out-of-court representation from a lawyer of your choice at the affordable cost of €15.

To be eligible you must prove that you do not have the means (income or capital) that would be necessary to exercise your legal rights. Make sure to check if consulting a lawyer would be covered by a legal costs insurance.

You need to submit an application to the district court (Amtsgericht) responsible for your place of residence. Application forms and further information on Beratungshilfe are available on the district court websites.

If legal proceedings are pending or imminent, you can apply for Prozesskostenhilfe (legal aid). The Prozesskostenhilfe serves to reduce the risk of incurring court fees and your own lawyer's fees. Depending on your personal financial circumstances it may be, however, that you have to repay these costs to the government in installments either in total or partially. If you lose your case, you will need to pay for the lawyer's fees of the other party even if you were granted Prozesskostenhilfe.

Application forms and further information on Prozesskostenhilfe are available on the district court Websites.

Damage report

Legal advice

Krstimir Krizaj
Rechtsassessor (Lawyer)
89081 Ulm
Manfred-Börner-Straße 5
Phone 0731 79031-142